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Thursday Jun 02
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1  Announcments / Website news / Re: Freeform Sheet Music (FSM) on: Saturday Oct 10
2  Announcments / Website news / Freeform Sheet Music (FSM) on: Saturday Oct 07
Okay, so, Surprise!  Grin

FSM is my brand new site. I didn't want to wait for the automatic transfer from google pages to google sites. So I just created a new site from scratch. Here's the URL. http://sites.google.com/site/freeformsheetmusic/Home
3  General / Off Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread on: Thursday Oct 03
Been a while. Fixed my computer though. So I'm back whores.
4  Music / Request / Re: Frozen Hillside do-over on: Wednesday Aug 08
Yeah, absolutely. You can put your name on it, after all mine is basically a midi with a few major adjustments. So do with it what you want.
5  General / Off Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread on: Monday Aug 04
It's newly born. I just made it on the 10th. I'm recruiting so it will be active.

I'm testing out my forums powers yaay.-Harvest.
6  Music / Feedback / A good way to remove the ads. on: Friday Aug 12
Use AdBlockerPlus. It's an add-on for firefox that removes all the ads but makes the page still look clean. I'm too lazy to find a link but if Harvest would be so kind...
7  General / Off Topic / The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread on: Thursday Aug 10
Here you go, the bestest topic of all time!  Cool
8  General / Showing Off! / Starting Topic. on: Thursday Aug 09
9  General / Movies and Television / Favorite Movies? on: Thursday Aug 09
My favorite movies are Cloverfield, Hot Fuzz, 1408, Superbad, The Dark Knight, and Hancock.
10  General / Off Topic / Introduction Thread! on: Thursday Aug 09
Introduce yourself Here.

Name: David (Duh)
Age: 15
Sex: Please, no guys though.
Born: in the **** state on Nov. 4th 1992
Lives in: the glove state
Language: English and Soon even more Spanish.
Nicknames: Davey, Davvy-Chan, Tankity-Tank, Huff, Hey-You, and Ass Hole. (Call me ass hole one more time).
Religion: Searching to become a Buddhist, but for now, it's propaganda-stuffed Christianity for me.

Music: Muse, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead(Now Phil Esch and Friends Cry), The Beatles, Thad Jones, Beethoven/Mozart(basically all classical) Anyway that's way to much so I'll stop there.
Video Game Music: Zelda. ALL Zelda.
Video Game Series: Zelda, Played every single ONE. When I was younger the Raep Zombies in OoT scared the **** out of me. Also, Kingdom Hearts, still play 2 sometimes, Halolz, Pokemanz, Guitar Hero, Elder Scrolls(it didn't get good until oblivion though Undecided) Crysis, MapleStory, and way more that I can't think of.
Hobbies: Arranging, Composing, Vidja Gaming, Lurking, Stalking, Raeping and Murder. Oh and I enjoy Playing my trumpet to annoy the **** out of my friends and long walks on the beach holding hands.
Sports: Disc Golf and Chess
Television: Random Crap on NBC, Adult Swim and Sometimes Comedy Central. If I had to pick a favorite show I'd say The Venture Bros.
Favorite Color: The Spectrum. **** you.
Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note.
Manga: None
Favorite Animal: Cows because they are edible.

Food: Uh... Fried Fish/Shrimp/Crab
Drink(Non-Alcoholic): Coke
Drink(Alcoholic):Vodka & Sprite

Study: I want to be a Musician
Grade: 9th
IQ: 107 (100 is Average)

Ask more about me if you really care.
11  Gaming / PC / Online Usernames on: Thursday Aug 09
Post your PC Online game usernames here.

For me:
Starcraft: DaveyTheRebel
MapleStory: (Main): DaveyBowman [Level 45 Hunter]
12  Gaming / Sony / PS3 Online Names. on: Thursday Aug 09
You know the deal. Post your PS3 Online name here.
13  Gaming / Microsoft / Xbox Live Gamertags on: Thursday Aug 09
Post your Xbox Live Gamertags here.

Mine's Davey The Rebel (Go Figure).

I play COD4, Halo 3, GH3, The Orange Box, Oblivion, and Rock Band.
14  Gaming / Nintendo / Wifi Friend Codes on: Thursday Aug 09
Post your friend codes for your Wii/DS Games here.
15  Gaming / General Gaming / Gamer's Help Topic on: Thursday Aug 09
Need help with a game? Ask here and one of our friendly members may help you.
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