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Thursday Dec 06
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16  Music / Request / Starting Topic on: Thursday Aug 11
Something's messed up with the forums, no one can see the topics unless I post one and modify the topic. So here's the starting topic. Now you can post.
17  Music / Help / Starting Topic on: Thursday Aug 11
Something's messed up with the forums, no one can see the topics unless I post one and modify the topic. So here's the starting topic. Now you can post.
18  Announcments / Website news / Updates on: Thursday Aug 12
This topic will be used for updates that happen on the website.

Update - Tuesday, August 5th, 2008. Added 1 new song to the music page.

Update - Wendsay, August 6th, 2008. Added 1 new song to the music page.
19  Music / Submission / All Around Submission FAQ - READ! on: Thursday Aug 12
( 1 ) Make sure to add the title between double quotation marks, in Finale's standard font: Times New Roman, size 24, bold;
( 2 ) Below the title, add the name of the game. You'll need to use the text-tool to add it: Times New Roman, size 12, italic;
( 3 ) Then, name the composer on the right-top of the sheet. If you don't know who has composed the song, don't hesitate to ask in your submission-thread. We're here to help each other after all: Times New Roman, size 12, bold;
( 4 ) Below the composer, you'll need to list your own (arrangers)-name. Preferably the one listed on the website: Times New Roman, size 12, italic;
( 5 ) Don't forget to use key signatures! This is very important as your sheet would look like a mess if you forget these and it appears to be written in i.e. A flat minor. If you don't know how to figure out which key-signature it is, you could ask for advice. Please notice that some songs are not always written in the same key throughout the composition, so you'll need to adjust it then.
( 6 ) Sometimes there are some very high notes in a song, and many extra notation lines are needed. Your can prevent this by using the 8va-tool (selectable in the Smart Shape Tool menu). If you add this, the player knows he has to play this an octave higher. Same goes for 8vb. 15ma is used to indicate it should be played two octaves higher, with 15mb as contradiction.
( 7 ) Sometimes it's smart to change the clef throughout the song. If you've got the feeling it's easier to notate and read, go ahead and change the clef.
( 8 ) Copyright is very important these days. Make sure you credit the composer/developer/publisher. Date of release is additional.
( 9 ) Adding David's Music url (http://hauffed.googlepages.com) is also additional, especially when you're submitting the same sheet to other sheet music sites.

I hope everyone follows this standard-form from now on, it looks much nicer and it saves me time to edit (most of) the sheets.

How to submit?

Every member is allowed to create one topic to add his of her submissions, preferably in the first post (just keep editing over and over again) so updaters don't need to search the entire topic for links to MUS-files. Other people can criticize your arrangements in that same topic, so you've got this one topic with all the feedback for you. In the topic, please list your requests like this: [CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger, or for a composition, [GENRE] Name - Composer. You're allowed to submit one arrangement and one composition at a time. However, if you're smart and want feedback, list it like this:

[CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger
[GENRE] "Title" - Composer

[CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger
[CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger
[CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger
[CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger
[GENRE] "Title" - Composer
[GENRE] "Title" - Composer
[GENRE] "Title" - Composer
[GENRE] "Title" - Composer

Submitted to the site:

[GENRE] "Title" - Composer
[CONSOLE] Game - "Song" - Arranger

This way people can give feedback on songs you've already arranged so you can improve them if you'd like to. I hope things are clear now, and if you got questions, please PM me!
20  Announcments / Forum News / SMF - Just Installed. on: Thursday Aug 12
Yeah, not really installed, but it's still far superior to any forum service ever. Sorry about the ads, I'm doing all this for free, you know.  Roll Eyes
21  Announcments / Forum News / David's Music: Rules - READ! on: Thursday Aug 12
Quote from: www.NinSheetMusic.net Forum Rules
Warning #1 - You will be PMed, stating that you broke a rule.
Warning #2 - You will be PMed, and your posts must be approved by an administrator before they can be viewed by the public. *
Warning #3 - You will be PMed, and you will not be allowed to post at all! *
Warning #4 - You will be... BANNED!

*The duration of this punishment depends on the severity of the offense. At any time, an administrator may still ban you at will, with or without prior notice. Please, behave!

There you have it! If you feel you have been unfairly 'warned', please contact an administrator.. and have a nice day! Smiley


Swearing is allowed on occasion; but abusing it by adding f**k in every post will get you in trouble.

     Don't do things just to be rude to other members.
     Don't post messages or images about how you think another member is being rude or abusing you, please contact (*edited) - DaveyTheRebel
     Images over 500k is really pushing it.
     Pointless poll threads
     Intentionally antagonistic threads Ė e.g. the Xbox 360/PS3/Forum Member/Bush(That's okay) is s***"
     Threads intended to promote/sell something
     Threads that complain about the rules or mods. If you have a problem with either of these, please PM us directly Ė don't make a public spectacle out of it.


That means doing things like marking spoilers, staying on topic, marking NSFW stuff as NSFW, and all the other little things that have come to define proper etiquette on the internet. Manners, basically.

Very good system. So I'm using it. I did edit it a little, so don't get on my case about not saying I did.
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