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Title: Introduction Thread!
Post by: DaveyTheRebel on Thursday Aug 09
Introduce yourself Here.

Name: David (Duh)
Age: 15
Sex: Please, no guys though.
Born: in the **** state on Nov. 4th 1992
Lives in: the glove state
Language: English and Soon even more Spanish.
Nicknames: Davey, Davvy-Chan, Tankity-Tank, Huff, Hey-You, and Ass Hole. (Call me ass hole one more time).
Religion: Searching to become a Buddhist, but for now, it's propaganda-stuffed Christianity for me.

Music: Muse, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead(Now Phil Esch and Friends :'(), The Beatles, Thad Jones, Beethoven/Mozart(basically all classical) Anyway that's way to much so I'll stop there.
Video Game Music: Zelda. ALL Zelda.
Video Game Series: Zelda, Played every single ONE. When I was younger the Raep Zombies in OoT scared the **** out of me. Also, Kingdom Hearts, still play 2 sometimes, Halolz, Pokemanz, Guitar Hero, Elder Scrolls(it didn't get good until oblivion though :-\) Crysis, MapleStory, and way more that I can't think of.
Hobbies: Arranging, Composing, Vidja Gaming, Lurking, Stalking, Raeping and Murder. Oh and I enjoy Playing my trumpet to annoy the **** out of my friends and long walks on the beach holding hands.
Sports: Disc Golf and Chess
Television: Random Crap on NBC, Adult Swim and Sometimes Comedy Central. If I had to pick a favorite show I'd say The Venture Bros.
Favorite Color: The Spectrum. **** you.
Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note.
Manga: None
Favorite Animal: Cows because they are edible.

Food: Uh... Fried Fish/Shrimp/Crab
Drink(Non-Alcoholic): Coke
Drink(Alcoholic):Vodka & Sprite

Study: I want to be a Musician
Grade: 9th
IQ: 107 (100 is Average)

Ask more about me if you really care.

Title: Re: Introduction Thread!
Post by: starpikachu on Friday Aug 08
I came here because Davey asked me to.

Real Name: I'll only tell you this if I really trust you. :P
Age: 13
Sex: No, that's later in life.
Location: San Jose, California.
Language: English, tiny bit of Chinese.
Hobbies: random stuff, whatever interests me at that particular moment
Grade: soon to be 8th
Favorite Subject: Music FTW
Favorite Video Game: Can't decide :D
Favorite Genre of Music: Video game music or J-pop
Favorite Color: Green or Blue (or combine them together to make turquoise, my birthstone)
Favorite Food: Ice cream, it's like a delicacy to me because I always get stomachaches when I eat it >_>
Favorite Drink: Any soda
Favorite Video Game series: Pokemon, obviously

IQ: 118 (pwnt)

Title: Re: Introduction Thread!
Post by: MetroidHunter26 on Friday Aug 08

Name:Why should I tell you?!
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Born: In Cali
Live:Utah...very boring
Hobbies: Play Video Games,Play my trumpet (AND EXCEL AT IT!!!) um..GIMP :P and draw when I feel like it.
Food: Chicken...any meat product...Pizza..
Favorite Game:METROID!!! ALL OF THEM!!! I played all of them and it was AWESOME!! ;D
Favorite Game Music:METROID!!! and some Sonic music...and Mario...Star Fox..Smash Bros. Halo
FGM to play on Piano: Oh I don't play piano...
???: Yeah I know and I arrange some of it FOR Piano :\
Then what do you play?: Trumpet I told you.
Oh..then FGM to play on Trumpet:Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Star Fox and Smash Bros...and some Sonic stuff.
Language:English understand spanish though
So you speak it? No.
But you understand it. Yep...
???. Yeah I know
So you spanish?!?: YES!!
?WTF!?!?: Yeah I know
Anyway what is your favorite School subject?: Band, Art, Science, Math etc.
Oke dokey artichokey I think were done here!: Oh good!!

:P well that's me!

Title: Re: Introduction Thread!
Post by: Brawler4Ever on Sunday Aug 06
*Round of applause*
MH26's Intro was the coolest/weirdest intro in the history of this forum.

Name: Brawler4Ever
Age: 16
Birth Place: Here.
Location: Here.
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7 or Super Mario RPG. I don't know which one.  :P
Favorite Music Selection: Church Music and Video Game Music.
Other Games:  Halo Series, Super Smash Bros Series, Zelda Series, Mario Series, and a few others.
Languages: Fluent in English. I took two years of Spanish...didn't help much....
Favorite School Subject: Business MultiMedia. It's a Computer Software class. I'm going to learn about MicroSoft Word, Adobe PhotoShop, MovieMaker, and a few other things.  ;D
Food: Pizza and Topramen Noodles.  ;)

Don't know my IQ.  :P